GMC represents only those DMCs with an established and proven reputation for excellence in their destination. Our DMC’s ultimate aim is to add value to every event.

To ensure all our clients receive the highest levels of service, GMC maintains a definitive set of criteria against which we benchmark all our DMCs.

All our DMCs are committed to meeting the following standards of operation…

  • Analyse a brief and develop an innovative, cost-effective solution that adds real value.
  • Command strong buying power and maintain excellent local networking relationships, thereby ensuring all their suppliers are fit for purpose.
  • Assist in preparing risk assessments and crisis management procedures. Ensure compliance with local H&S legislation.
  • Manage emergencies and the ‘unexpected’ onsite – strikes, terrorism, acts of God, etc.
  • Maintain influential relationships with local authorities, police, airports, etc.
  • Appreciate the importance of sustainability in delivering events.
  • Input creativity and imagination to deliver exceptional events
  • Deliver attentive and personable service from initial planning to final onsite management.

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